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Tarot Cards and Tarot card Reading

Tarot Card reading is a very well-known method used in the psychic world. Tarot cards act as a guide in answering your questions. Though the real-life decisions are taken by self, these cards help in removing doubts with the decisions. Tarot card readings are of great...

Crystal Healing

Since ages, Crystals showed a profound impact on humans. Crystals in the form of jewellery and ornaments were used from the beginning of the civilization. As society grew and developed various new ways and techniques to use crystals in daily life are introduced. One...


Some people believe in things which are not common and natural. In more scientific terms paranormal is anything which is beyond the standard scientific explanation. Even in this modern century, there is a big group of people who believe in these paranormal theories...

About Me

I am Carlana Stone, your psychic friend. I will help you to get to know your future and ways you can improve it. I will try to help you out in every best possible way to solve the problem you are facing in your life whether it is your personal life or professional life. I have been handling customers query on career, finance, guidance on love and relationship. I have been helping people since ages. 

You can come up with any of the questions you have in your mind which you think looking into your future will bring the solution to your problem. I got my interest developed in psychic readings when I was 8 years. I was very young at that time to understand my psychic abilities, there were instances when my parents noticed that I am blessed with psychic abilities.

I remember on one bright sunny day, I predicted the possibilities of rain and hours of my prediction there where heavy rain. This was when my parents took me to their old friend who is a psychic reader. That day was my first day when I was introduced officially to the psychic world. It’s a beautiful journey from knowing nothing to becoming master of my subject. I took the number of courses to understand the supernatural world better and sharpen my skills with so many classes and learning lessons I got excellent command in predicting individual future.

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