Carlana Stone - Never Give In, Never Give Up.
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The Carlana Stone Online Community is now open!

It is our hope to provide you with a monumental opportunity to speak out, to empower you, to give you a voice and an ear.

This is your portal for inspirational stories and this is your roadmap to a better and brighter future.

  • Tips, both practical and inspirational.
  • Overcoming divorce; job loss; the death of someone close.
  • Coping with disaster or what seem to be insurmountable odds.
  • Struggling with an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

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She Can’t Walk, But She Can Fly.

One Woman’s Amazing Victory Over the Challenge of Paralysis.

Living Proof

Inspiration, empowerment and a strategy for overcoming life's hurdles. This is what people take away from a talk with Ms. Carlana Stone. Part southern belle and part Hollywood powerhouse, Carlana combines down home charm with hard core business savvy. But, she is more than just a pretty face and successful television producer, she is also a survivor. Once a high school cheerleader and gymnast, her world was forever changed after an accident left her a paraplegic at the age of 17. Faced with a great life challenge, she developed a recipe for successful living that has allowed her to achieve personal and professional goals and lead an emotionally fulfilling life. She offers her audience living proof that seemingly insurmountable odds can be challenged and overcome.

Something Different

Audiences are not used to seeing people in wheelchairs take the spotlight. When your audience sees Carlana on stage, they know that they are in for something different. So a talk with Carlana begins with ``the chair.`` She shares her story and encourages questions from the audience. The open and frank discussion about the physical and emotional impact of her disability immediately creates a sense of intimacy. But the chair does more than serve as starting point: it allows the audience to connect to Carlana as someone with flaws and weaknesses just like them. It brings the speaker down to their level and serves as a catalyst for the substance of her talk: the eight essential ingredients for successful living that have served her so well.

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