About - Carlana Stone
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She Can’t Walk, But She Can Fly.
One Woman’s Amazing Victory Over the Challenge of Paralysis.

A beautiful, successful and privileged seventeen-year-old, Carlana Stone Lawson had it all: she was a gymnast, cheerleader and president of her class. In a moment of bad judgment, she got into a car with some friends in Dallas, Texas, after a night of drinking. A terrible accident occurred, and everyone walked away unscathed except for Carlana, who never walked again.

What would follow is a twenty-year journey of overcoming adversity through perseverance, self-discovery and personal victories. In her book, Never Give In, Never Give Up, Carlana Stone shares how she searched for a stem-cell miracle cure in the Soviet Union, at the height of the Cold War; survived and overcame an abusive relationship; became the first wheelchair-bound on-air reporter in Miami, and pushed her way into Hollywood to become a highly successful television producer.

Today, Carlana, though wheelchair-bound, skydives, skis, and at thirty-four, married the man of her dreams. In a few days Carlana will be the first American female paraplegic in the USA to fly SOLO!