Never Give In, Never Give Up - Carlana Stone
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Never Give In, Never Give Up

Never Give In, Never Give Up is a real life and death drama with transformation at its core. But this book is more than just an inspiring life story, being filled with deep emotional and psychological truths gathered from life- lessons, and with moving examples from the lives of others whom Carlana has helped.

Tips, both practical and inspirational.
Overcoming divorce; job loss; the death of someone close.
Coping with disaster or what seem to be insurmountable odds.
Struggling with an unhealthy or abusive relationship.
Fighting for your dreams.
Starting over.
Never Give In, Never Give Up – Front Cover
A must read for anyone who needs a dose of courage, hope and/or inspiration in their lives.

By sharing her own struggles, Carlana helps to empower and challenge her readers without shaming them, gently guiding them to turn obstacles into opportunities and by doing so, begin their own transformations.