There is no doubt that most people today are undergoing a lot of stress. The burden on our life has increased so much that both of our brains and minds have started to be severely affected. We see that today’s people are going through anxiety, panic, sadness, and unbridled fear. People cannot cope with life’s sorrows. This is the reason that the rooms of psychiatrists, psychologists and cardiologists appear to be filled today. We are in financial bliss of financial crisis. We are trying to settle down broken marital relationships and abandoned houses. Some people are worried about the sadness of the sadness that can arise from the fear of their beloved going away.

These bustle and stress do not affect our mind only. In our brain condition, unhealthy condition gives rise to many kinds of diseases. Studies have proved that when we are angry or very passionate, then there is a strange movement in our body that forces us to fight or leave everything. But we keep quiet all the time from fear of social rules and dissolve inside. Its effect is that we are physically influenced and become victims of various types of diseases, such as the speed of blood seizures, heart disease, respiratory disease, poor digestive power, muscular pain, Skin blubber or other types of problems related to them The solution to these is not that we must remove our anger in the form of a battle or run away from everything. By doing so, there can be more malfunction in our relationships. The need is that we take any such method to remove the mental, emotional and physical effects of stress.
For the past few years, the trend of people has been towards meditation to eliminate the storms and emotions of emotions. The physical and mental benefits of meditation are many benefits. Once we learn to meditate, then we have a solution to every problem we have in the difference.

Meditation helps us in two ways. First, it makes us physically quiet. Second, we get through that state where we get the love and ecstasy of the Lord. At the time of meditation, our worldly problems remain the same, but through meditation, we remain so absorbed in the remembrance of the Lord and in His pleasure that we do not have any realization of our problems and sorrows. Despite worldly stress and pressure, our thoughts, thinking power and emotions are in balance. We easily overcome our stress. In this way, through meditation, we learn the way to live life, by which we overcome our worldly tensions. Through this Vidya we find a way to happiness, peace and happiness.