Origin of the runes
There are couples of stories of how the runes came into existence. Here we will be talking about the story of runes related to the Norse god Odin. According to this story, there was a tree at the center of the cosmos which was visited by the Norse god Odin. For the nine consecutive days and nights, the Norse god Odin was hung in that tree. This was done by the Norse god Odin so that he could get the knowledge of powers.
He started seeing some specific shapes and pattern on the ninth day of this process. These shapes and patterns were actually the images of the runes. This is actually the story from the Viking age in the rune poems. The oldest form of the runic alphabet is Elder Futhark. Germanic tribes used to use this kind of writing system. At the time of first and second century, use of these alphabets was at the peak.
After the arrival of Christianity in that area, the Latin language took place of that language. But still, in northern Europe, The stones with the runic inscription written over them can be found.

Working of rune stones
Runestones too work as any other divine tools. A connection is established between the runes, your subconscious mind and the energies of the universe. This divine connection is able to provide you with the answers to your questions. It’s not about just throwing the runes in the bag and drawing a stone to get the answers to our questions.
Like the tarot cards, drawing a rune is also great to provide advice about a particular situation. Similar to the tarot cards not only you can draw simply a rune to know the answers but you can also try several layouts for the detailed answers. Three stone draw is a very helpful technique and is highly recommended for the beginners because it offers many options for interpreting the past, present, and future. You should have a clear representation of each and every stone in your mind. Also, the question should be open-ended and genuine.
One more way to operate the runes is that, place a white cloth on a plane surface and throw the runes in it. The runes which go outside the cloth and the runes which are faced down have to be avoided. You, only have to read the runes which are faced upside.

Runes and tarot
Like the tarot is divided into major arcana and minor arcana, runes also consist of three rows which are also known as Aetts. Each of the row or Aett has eight runes in it. In the first Aett, the first six runes are Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, and Kenaz. You can clearly see that by combining the first letter of all these six runes, the word ‘Futhark’ comes into existence. Like the tarot cards, each rune has its own different meaning. Like the tarot cards, most of the runes also have upright and inverted meanings except the runes, Gebo and Isa.

In my opinion, runes are as effective as the tarot cards and should be given a chance to answer your questions.